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Review: Firelight by Sophie Jordan

Firelight - Sophie Jordan

I'll admit this is my first book about dragons. And yes, I do own Eon, but haven't gotten to it just yet. At first, cover lust made me pick up Firelight, then after reading the summary from Goodreads, I thought, what the heck and picked it up from my library.

Turns out to have been an awesome choice! Jacinda is a girl who's constantly stuck between things. Between being a Draki or being human or being with Will or Cassian. I feel for the poor girl! And any book that makes me feel for a character, well I'll just say they have my attention. I really liked how descriptive Jordan was of how the Draki would morph in and out of human form. I couldn't picture it until I read how they do it. Then of course there was a bit of a love triangle between Will, a guy who seems to be in tune with Jacinda's every thought and Cassian, the prince and next in line for leadership with her pride of Draki people. I like a good love triangle every once in a while and this one hit the spot!

I really think a movie should be made of this series. I'd be all over that! So overall, I really enjoyed Firelight and I just finished Vanish, which is the second in the series. And now I can't wait for the next book!