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Review: Pure by Julianna Baggott

Pure - Julianna Baggott

This has literally been my favorite dystopian book of the year. Pressia is an amazing character who sees the world as it is and wishes to conquer it. And not in a "I'm the king of the world" kind of way.. more like a "I make my own destiny" kind of way. She is the voice inside us all.. the voice that tells us to push on and to acknowledge our faults and disabilities and to never let those bring us down.

The plot, the characters, the world building.. everything in this book mesmerized me. The mutated humans/animals, the people who were fused to objects when the world exploded... how did the author come up with these things?! Pressia was holding a doll in her hand when the skies erupted. She will bear the brunt of that little mistake forever. The dolls head fused with her hand and at the beginning she would always cover it up with a sock and would pull her sleeve over it. Others were fused to much worse. Or they had radiation poisoning so bad that they weren't really human any more. The children of these people are forever tainted with disabilities, but that it just a part of the world in this book. It is the norm. If you are a perfect specimen, then you are a pure, a person from the dome.

The dome was a safe house against a nuclear war, a natural disaster.. anything that could wipe out humans. But of course not everyone was allowed in when it was time. There was no pushing and shoving to get in, or special admission tickets. You were chosen or you weren't. The dome promised to reunite with those still on the ground, but none truly believed this. But some still harbored hope. Some like Pressia.

I don't want to give away even an ounce of this book to you. It is that near and dear to me. I can't wait for it to hit the stores so I can buy myself a brand new copy and send some to the people I know will appreciate it.