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Review: Blood Wounds by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Blood Wounds - Susan Beth Pfeffer

Blood Wounds was definitely not what I expected. This was my second contemporary YA novel that I've read and reviewed. Once again, it didn't hit the spot for me. It wasn't horrible by any means, but I just don't think the contemporary genre is for me.

Willa goes through so many emotions throughout this book. I sympathize with her numerous times. She tries to find herself by looking into her past. From my own experiences, I knew it wouldn't end very well if she tried to find her niche in the world by comparing herself to her family. You are your own person, no matter what your background, past mistakes, your heritage.. none of that matters. That being said, I was curious what Willa would find and how she would react to what she would find out about her parents and grandparents. It is a huge, shocking secret that she does find out, so I can't say much about that without spoiling it for you.

The book was interesting enough. It was short and to the point, which is always a plus for me. I don't care much for when authors beat around the bush and Pfeffer definitely didn't do that.